What Are You Paying Attention To?

Come with me and let me show you the most valuable thing that you have. No, it is not money, land, gold, silver or anything else considered valuable. You have something so much more valuable than those things…that you may have overlooked it.  Everything and everyone is after your valuable treasure. It is in your soul deep within your mind. What is it? It is your attention! This asset is so precious that once your attention is given to something…it gives energy to that which you just purchased with your attention…and brings it into your world. What are you paying attention to?

This can be both advantageous or dangerous. If you think positively…and be selective with what you purchase with your attention…to that which is good, life sustaining and life producing, it can cause you to be successful. It can cause you to rise above every negative situation in your way. Nothing can hold you down! But on the other hand, if you pay attention to that which is negative, it can cause you to fail in life even to the point of death. What are you paying attention to?

Therefore, it is important to guard the gates to your soul. What are the gates to your soul? The gates to your soul are: your eye gates (that which you give attention to looking at…whether physically or mentally), your ear gates (that which you listen to…whether physically or mentally), your mouth gate (that which you talk about and goes back into your ear gate and others as well), your heart gate (that which you think on deep within yourself). Do you see how it is important to guard the gates to your soul? Your soul is the womb where issues of life begin. (click here for more on the Soul is the Womb blog.)

Resist the temptation to be negative even in a negative environment. Respond positively instead of reacting negatively! You may not be able to voice your response but what you do inwardly matters!  Yes, it may be hard, but resist the temptation to be negative. You are worth it!!

How do you resist? You resist by not giving your attention to anything that is negative or demeaning. You refuse to receive it as truth. Do NOT adopt negative thoughts or words as your own thoughts. You resist by refusing to be hateful, prideful, depressed, hopeless, giving up, believing bad things people say about you, or bad things you say about yourself. Resist the temptation to hate others or hate yourself. Resist the temptation to give up when you receive a negative doctors report. Resist the temptation to give up when another idea crashes to the ground. Resist every negative thought, word, action, or situation by responding in a positive way that can change things around for you even someone you love. To resist is to take on a different thought than the negative one that is presented to you. Purposely reroute your thinking to change things and it will take you on a different path. 

You may be in the habit of thinking negatively and it will take different methods of operation than the norm to help you build and maintain a more positive environment.  I encourage you to put a vision board up somewhere that you can see it through-out the day to help you stay on course. You can put up reminders on your refrigerator, bathroom mirrors and place books around that will help you stay focused in a positive way. You may need to change friends and be around those who are more positive. Refuse to complain, murmur, instead talk and/or write at least 3 things you are thankful for. This helps change your attention as you listen to what you are saying. You take a different thought by saying…this helps change what you are thinking. This helps you refuse to attend any self-pity parties. Start a Gratitude Journal and write it in everyday and every time that you need to refocus. Remember it is a Gratitude Journal so NO negative things.

I encourage you to even do daily sessions of self-talk. No, you are not crazy when talking to yourself unless you do so negatively. When you go by the mirror encourage yourself…talk positively and don’t be moved by what you may see if you do not like the way you look…because it is all subject to change.

Say positive things like: I am Important, I am Valuable, I can do anything, I learn quickly, I am Intelligent, I am loved, I am good, I find favor in God’s eyes and in the eyes of others. Positive Self-Talk helps you to think good things about yourself. Don’t ever call yourself, “Stupid!” or “Looser!” or “No-one loves me!”. No more hitting your forehead with your hand and saying, “Duh!”  Say and call yourself what you would like to be called by others. Be sure to talk positively to others as well. Stay positive, because as you speak and think positively, it is releasing healing properties to heal your soul (mind, will and emotions), healing you physically and bringing a better life to you.  You can change your life by changing the way you think.

What I have found that works for me is to write daily 5 things I am thankful for and why I am thankful for it. This can range from thank you Lord that I have a broom and mop to keep the floors clean to my loved ones and all our protection to ideas that bring great wealth. I also keep my self-encouraged by immediately training myself and learning to choose to think positive because, “This is all subject to change!”. I also keep myself encouraged in the Bible and spending time with God daily which has been my main source of strength.

You determine how your life will be by what you give your attention to. Be sure that what you give attention to is what you truly want to purchase and bring into your life.  

Be encouraged that things are subject to change and when you purchase that change with your attention…change will come! It may not come overnight but it will come as you diligently fine tune your attention to give energy to what you really want in life.

©Jennifer DeLoach 07/31/2017

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