Thank you for visiting, I am excited that you have joined me.  My heart’s desire is to reach out and encourage and help make a difference in your life.

I invite you to come with me on a Journey into the Soul. Here you will learn that the soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions.

As we explore together the soul’s many facets you will learn the different between the spirit and soul. You will learn the functionalities and how it affects your body and ultimately your life.

You will find gates to your soul which you will learn how to guard. Because as we go deeper on this journey together you will discover the hidden treasure in your mind. You will find that your will and your emotions are affected in what you do with this treasure. You will see that the mind is the battlefield and everything is after your treasure! You will recognize the treasure and you will come to understand why you must guard your soul’s gates.

You will be enlightened as you learn truths that set you free from strongholds that have held you in bondage. You will become knowledgeable of the strategies they use to enter your mind and set up a fortress and how they use the power of YOUR treasure to defeat you as they begin their agenda to steal, kill and to destroy.

Do NOT be alarmed! You will be equipped with weapons to gain control of your treasure and defeat every stronghold and in turn you will be able to help others.

So, come with me and let’s continue this Journey into the Soul together here at jenniferdeloach.com and learn how to take possession of your soul and change your life.

I’m looking forward to our Journey into the Soul!

Please note: I am not a Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or a Counselor. I am an Encourager. I was a victim of “Killer Thoughts” and It was killing me physically. I took the responsibility of my own health and learned the strategy of what it took to take me out of the stronghold of what I call: “Wrong Focus Syndrome” and brought myself into a new awareness of the “Joy of Living”. I share some of these strategies here so be sure to set your bookmark and come back and visit often.

I am looking forward to our next visit together.

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